Certified Blockchain Developer - Hyperledger

I took the exam last week and wanted to provide some pointers for those interested in taking this challenging exam.

The exam is as follows

Questions — 70

Format — Multiple choice

Time — 90 Minutes

Exam Cost $300 Link is below. 
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The exam was clearly developed in rapid manner in the sense there were certainly several typographical errors and it appears that perhaps the author was not native in English.

With that said the exam was targeting folks that were developers (Javascript and Golang) which clearly should be the targeted languages for the CBDH exam. Coding, debug and syntax error resolution questions are over 30% of the exam.

Below is my top ten list of areas to study before taking the CBDH exam.

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  1. Use Hyperledger Composer several times before hand. Review the documentation since its important you understand how Composer works, communicates and the main files(.Bna, .qry, model file)
  2. Know how to debug a Model File and know what the syntax actually means. In the example code below know what the code snippets do. (Over 30% of the exam) What is (o, — ->, etc) I wont tell you but you would be ill advised to not know this before hand.

3. Blockchain basics, what is it , why the hell should you use a blockchain and how many jobs will it kill. Components would be advised as well

4. Hyperledger Fabric ledger.. Know why you may want to select CouchDB or perhaps just leave Leveldb for the state database. Know what the differences are between the state and transaction logs are.

Below are practice exams for the Certified Blockchain Developer exam on Udemy.


5. What the heck is a “channel”, why and how it could be used.

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6. Nodes are not being pushed by liberals. No not all Nodes are created equal. Nodes are different, some have different skillsets, personalities and capacities. Yes, some sarcasm to see if your paying attention. Client Nodes, Peer Nodes and Orderers know them well.

7. How to connect a client application to the Hyperledger blockchain. Also, know how Hyperledger Fabric is diferent EOV my friends Know the flow.

8. Chaincode — Know how to read chaincode programs and also know what the syntax is for invoke and init. Realize again its more than just the Javascript and you will need to memorize areas such “ChaincodeStibInterface”, shim, error returns, etc.

9. Declaring Resources in Composer. Composer took a good chunk of the exam, of course, its like Solidity or Mist with Hyperledger and the main way a blockchain developer can interface with Hyperledger. Get to know it well such as declaring “relationships”.

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10. A few questions tested you on the very basics of blockchain terms such as “provenance, privacy, security, permissionless, etc.

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Joe Holbrook, The Cloud Tech Guy

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