Is Google Cloud Platform Worth my time

Questions of the Day, Week or Month? Is Google Cloud Platform worth my time? Is getting Google Cloud Certified worth the investment? Do you see demand for Google Cloud growing? What Google Cloud Certification should I start with? Whether you want to be a cloud engineer, cloud architect or cloud developer you should be concerned where you invest your time and resources.

As a widely known and published course author, consultant and technical trainer in both AWS, GCP and Blockchain as a Service I have some insight and thoughts on these questions above I would get around GCP when teaching. Some of this may not be what marketing wants you to think.

Question and Answers (Q/A)

Question 1 — Is Google Cloud Platform worth my time learning or getting certified in?

Answer 1 — Well I think this is a loaded question planted by the “deep state”. First, anything you learn could be a benefit to your role and your future role. No questions about that if its related to Cloud, Virtualization, Security or Blockchain. My answer is yes for learning.

Question 2 — Is getting Google Cloud Certified worth the investment?

Answer 2 — However, the “investment” part I cant fudge this and Ill be honest if your a cloud architect in Azure or AWS you should be working even if its at a deflationary low salary (Which all cloud roles generally do pay now but this is relative as well). Google Cloud is number 3 and WILL be number 3 for the forseeable future. Demand has not really picked up with trends in the last few years. However, if you a “niche” kind of person then this could be to your benefit. Dont take my word for it. Check out Google Trends.

Below shows the Google Trend results for Google Cloud vs AWS as historically search for 12 months (1 Year). Google is Blue and AWS is red.,aws

Now you can see that the “Blue” line is flat. The index for AWS is over 4x as well on November 24 (Lets be fair, the AWS reinvent search for AWS thru the roof so I would exclude the week of AWS Reinvent)

Below is the five year growth. Its pretty obvious what people are interested. I wont even say it. Red is AWS and GCP is Blue… Its like a dead man.,aws

So you figure out if its worth your investment. The goal of this article is too educate, not bully nor harass.

Now lets throw Azure into the Mix.. AWS is Red. Azure is Yellow and GCP is Blue. Again Azure and AWS have substantial growth. GCP does not appear to be growing in demand for search.

Question 3 — Do you see demand for Google Cloud growing?

Answer 3. I do see the demand for people wanting to learn it, however, I am not see a demand for GCP Cloud Gurus that specialize in GCP.

Really, Ill be honest though, I make it pretty clear that I am not interested in working Full Time since I wont work for the trivial salaries cloud roles pay. They have visa workers for a reason and its not to accomadate real demand for highly paid locals. So if there is a demand for Full time roles in GCP I would not be the best gauge. However, I would be a good gauge for GCP training demand and yes I see a lot of folks ramping up but actual implementations which turn into full time roles I dont have a crystal ball.

Question 4 — What Google Cloud Certification should I start with?

Answer 4 — This question again is usually one that never has a right answer for everyone. Why, the Google Cloud Certifications are harder than the competitors. When you compare AWS, Azure and GCP the other cloud providers have a “starter” certification. For example AWS has the AWS Cloud Practioner and the search demand for that certification has skyrocketed. It would be easier if Google Cloud came out an AWS Cloud Practioner “Competitor”.

So my answer is it depends on what your experience is and your role. Cloud Engineer and Data Engineer are Command line heavy whereas the Cloud Architect is more case study and sales design focused.

GCP to AWS Certs — (AWS Cloud Practioner is not listed since GCP has no comparible)


So to sum things. I believe you should always learn and that anything that increases your knowledge is a good thing for your understanding.

However, I never want to steer people wrong when it comes to their careers. With technology changing so fast and the demand for specific roles and skills in IT what was hot today may not be tomorrow. What was invested in today may not actually pay off for you tomorrow as well. Who knows if getting any cloud certification will be worth you efforts. I am old enough to remember how Netware was hotter than Pamela Anderson or for you with other preferences “David Hasselhoff “back in the late 90s.

I can say that if your experienced that the certification you obtain is nothing but paper with no value (Unless you work for a partner perhaps).

Good luck and let me know your feedback

Good Luck and I wish much success.

Joe Holbrook. The Cloud Tech Guy

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