What do Blockchain technology consultants and instructors have in common with manic depressives?

Being a blockchain expert is similiar to dealing with a manic depressive person on a daily basis. No harm intended and if you know the experience you now how “unstable” they can be. Blockchain work overall is that my friends, unstable.(unless you have venture funds) You may not even realize it in the tech industry since the media loves to pump out FUD but in reality blockchain is no panacea. Its a gamble with your economics.

 You have to deal with ups and downs unlike any other Tech industry sector I have ever worked in. Yes, I sold over 100 million in deals around data storage and networking over the years, deployed and sold clouds, made tons of dough in network consulting and for that matter my early tech days in Unix technologies. That stuff was easy and very profitable.

So to be honest I have never experienced such a SHIT SHOW as I deal with in the blockchain technology area. No complaints, just placing the reality out there for folks that would even consider blockchain as a valid career path right now.

Yes, there will be roles but its grossly over rated as far as demand. The one area that shows demand is blockchain development and if you keep track on LinkedIn the last few years the roles have dwindled. The one area that has picked up is the number of roles that require blockchain knowledge.

Check out my post here I wrote on Blockchain demand.


Deciding on whether you want to be in a career or a gamble is is like making a decision between being in the US Air Force or in the US Marines. You can collect a check or work you butts off all day with routines.

Yes, in the Marines your a young stud but when your out then your career opps are limited unless you get on a welfare program in the DC Area with a government contractor(Security clearance gigs). In the Air Force you have duties that generally can translate into a career anywhere. As a former US Navy sailor and Seabee I can sort of understand the middle of the road here. Again, exceptions abound and its a generalization. You served that what matters and you in the 3%.

So what do we choose?

Do you choose the safe route or the route with potholes, spiders and even a few lunatics. That’s for you to decide of course.

You have to have to be a risk taker and expect to be creative as well getting out of your comfort zone to work in enterprise blockchains. You can be a Marine or you can be an Airman. The easy route or the hard route thats your choice. Blockchain consultants and trainers are Marines in the tech world.. Really, read on.

Reality is that even organizations that sell blockchain courses or consulting are laying off now or hiding the freefall with their fake stories they put out. One company I dealt with could not even pay $900 in a timely manner.

Teaching or selling blockchain is not for the weak of heart or folks that want guaranteed “sit on your but demand and income. Such as with what what you could get with AWS, CompTIA or PMP course for example”. Simple as pie, collect your check and go to the beach on Saturdays. Its your call.

Big 5 Consulting

Now I know that this is not at all the reality yet for large companies that have millions of free money to blow such as Deloitte, Accenture or IBM for example. I am not specifically saying any of these companies will be in a free fall soon but I would place a bet against shortly if things dont change.

For example, IBM and Hyperledger


Discussions at Consenys in NYC back in May hinted at December being the end of the road for some of these “projects” if things do not change for one of these companies. (Basically, demand actually needs meets the dream very soon.)

I do have hope, so read on. Its a gamble but I was never known to be a good employee that is why I do what I do.

What is a blockchain instructor or consultant and what is the possible reward?

I compare a fool being a blockchain instructor as such as that they are an entreprenuer who has just not figured out his/her niche in life. Like throwing pasta on the wall and hoping it sticks..

How to cook perfect pasta
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Simple research on Google Trends and Google Analytics shows you demand is up and down like a yo-yo. Matter of fact its consistently steady or going down.

 I do have hope for one more demand “POP” based on two reason coming shortly. Read on..

Figure 1 shows a simple 5 Year search interest. Notice that late 2017 and early 18 is where it was really at. Now we are down to the pre 2016 levels which is actually down by 4 times (4X). (Google trends had 78 as High in January 2018 and current is around 18 today)

Reminds me when I owned a property management business in Reston, VA back in 2006. Values dropped quicker than Robert Mueller’s testimony in Congress this week. No pun intended.

  It takes a dedicated person right now who is competent, strong and solid to want to instruct in Blockchain technologies on an dedicated level. Its risky and flat out a gamble since one day the world government could shut these blockchains all down. As a networking guru I can assure that the “net” could be down in less than an hour worldwide. Take out DNS and were fucked. Another way to shut down BTC for example is thru shutting down ports.. No need to shut down the net, the protocols and ports could be filtered. (Firewalls, proxies)

Cryptos are allowed and that in my experience as a “beltway bandit” is because there is an agenda. BTC, Monero, and for that matter Libra will be allowed to exist.

This brings me to my thoughts on why I am still in the Blockchain business. Lets hear it.

The two rays of hope are as follows around creating “static” demand 

Two reasons I still believe in blockchain and cryptos.

Reason Number 2

1. Facebook LibraA one world (global) currency is going to happen or at least be attempted maybe not next year but soon.  Contrary to the Hollywood shows you see in Congress with Libra contacts I do not think that these hearings are real.

Why, are the so serious Congressional hearing not real? I spent over 10 years in the ghetto of DC and the character standards for a lot of these government roles are very low. No harm to my government friends, but we know you dont get to the top following rules in that town. I am going to shut my mouth and move on.

I believe Libra will be live next year whether we agree or like it not.

The real question is the scope of the world cryptocurrecncy and who gets paid.

Find out more about Libra next week on Safari. I cover both the business aspects and the technical aspects. This is very different from other blockchain consultants.


Congress is a show and a form of entertainment so Libra will be allowed to exist. Do I even need to give any examples..

I am going to shut my mouth and move on.

Reality is that the US is mathematically in dire straights financially just look at the treasury auctions as the most recent example. Not to mention the crack addicts need rates that will be going even lower towards negative rates, the ponzis can not be kept going forever.  It is what it is.

Reason Number 2

2.  Financial Engineering – Companies need to “extract from within” and stop these share buybacks. The world outside the bubble of the US is in already in an “economic freefall”. Companies need to Financial Engineer and desperation will have to kick in.

Hmm, Sort of like a wolf spider that eat their young.

Blockchain can provide some aspects of this financial engineering for sure. Get rid of 100 attorneys, bankers and administrative roles you have a bonus for the weekend house in the Hamptons. (Check out how those properties are dropping like flies)

To find this out you need to go outside of the media of the US.  Companies will need to layoff and for that matter are already performing mass layoffs. These companies will reduce expenses and realize the party is over and blockchain will help reduce some of these roles and create some efficiencies..

Action must be taken for survival.  

The economics will create demand for Blockchain. The Question is when and how can we prosper.

The point is if you want a stable career in IT do not even think of getting in Blockchain.

On the other hand if you want to create your own opportunities while “gambling” then get into blockchain.

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