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Over the last month or two I have been “pinged” by several connections and non connections are getting certified in Blockchain. So I figured here is a list of certifications that I have or have noticed.

Ill give you a short description and thoughts on the value of the certification. Ill also let you know about the exam if I did them.

The Blockchain Council.

The Blockchain Council has been around for a while and is ran from overseas. They have numerous certifications (Accreditations really), Certified Blockchain Expert, Certified Ethereum Expert, and at least five more.

I have taken the Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) and it was fairly straight forward online. The only thing suggestion is that they need to edit the exams and remove the numerous errors in grammar. Clearly, English is not their first language or their from the hills of West Virginia.

Cost: $99.00 for the course and certification.

Crypto Currency Certification Consortium. (C4)

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C4 has been around a while as well and have taken the CBP exam. Its straight forward and timed quite agressively. I did not see any grammar errors.

Whats neat is that you have to pay for the exam with Bitcoin so you have to be able to send this to there wallet…(At least when I took it) . Sort of like eating your own dog food to take the exam. Unlike the others that require fiat currency..

A Certified Bitcoin Professional is knowledgeable about the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin transactions, and how the Bitcoin network operates. CBPs are able to apply Bitcoin technology to their professional area of expertise and understand privacy aspects, double-spending, and other issues that relate to the currency.

Cost: Examination Fee, App Fee and Renewal Fee. Perhaps they could add on another fee..

Exam $99.99, App Fee $34.99 and Renewal Fee $34.99

Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT)

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Blockchain Institute of Technology ® (BIT) is one of the world’s leading training and education providers in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We partner with organizations and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and education options that help professionals reach their goals.

They have two main certifications and they are

  1. The Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) certification is designed for professionals currently working in blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency roles, or those who wish to understand and work with these technologies, level up their professional skills and certify their level of competency and expertise
  2. Certified Senior Blockchain Professional (CSBCP) is the highest level of Blockchain business certification offered by Blockchain Institute of Technology CSBCP certification is available exclusively to current Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) certificate holders who have developed senior levels of blockchain knowledge and professional expertise

The exam prices are extremely high. Cost of examination registration: $945.00 USD

Blockchain Training Alliance

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Perhaps the most professionally looking website around Blockchain right now. There is one differentiator that they have over the others in my opinion.

They have partnered with Pearson to deliver the following exams in a proctoring center which is the way a certification should be delivered. Clearly, if they invested in going with Pearson (Takes a significant investment of resources and time) then the content is likely quality as well.

I am most excited about the Blockchain Solutions Architect Certification (CBSA)since that is what I focus on. The exam was easy overall for someone experienced.

Below are the certifications that you can take around . Cost is $300 for each.

1. BTA Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger Fabric (CBDH)

2. Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA)

3. Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum (CBDE)

If there are other certification that you think is worth our time let me know. Id lover to review them.


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