Top SIX Reasons to Take the BTA Certified Blockchain Developer -Ethereum(CBDE)

Ethereum Developers are in demand. Get Certified now!

As a well-provisioned test taker and technical trainer, I wanted to write a short review on the Blockchain Training Alliance Certified Blockchain Developer (CBDH) exam and why if your a developer you may want to consider the certification.

This post will cover the main benefits of getting certified. Another post will cover the study points. I also provided several resources to help prepare for the exam as well.

As with any certification there are some costs and some effort to put in.

Here is a new article from Consensys on Solidity and if you want to be a developer around Ethereum then you will need to learn Solidity. Basically, the articles discusses the demand for Solidity expertise. There are also some great links in the article with details on demand and salary of blockchain developers.

Exam Basics Overview

Let’s get to know what the exam will test you on and the costs.

Here are the Exam Basics

  • Exam was 70 Questions with around 20% being focused on Solidity.
  • Exam had mainly multiple choice with True/False type Questions.
  • Exam had graphics of smart contracts to review
  • Plenty of time to take it. 90 minutes.
  • Exam Cost $300 Link is below. 
  • CBDE Exam Registration is here

Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum (CBDE)

Top SIX Reasons to take the CBDE exam now. Let’s Get Started!

  1. This is the first to market professionally developed Blockchain exam around Ethereum. It clearly had funding to develop the exam and some effort put into the exam from experts which is unlike most other blockchain certifications I have seen from competitors.
  2. The Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA) has several training options and certifications that could compliment this certification. They also have a lifecycle of exams as well from beginner to expert.
  3. The CBDE exam is written by experts that live, eat and breath blockchain such as Thomas Wiesner or Ernesto Lee
  4. If your a developer that knows JavaScript, Node or similar languages then this course and certification is for you. The growth of the blockchain clearly is going to change the dynamics in specific verticals such as financials, logistics and government.
  5. Get you first blockchain certification before your coworkers to help distinguish your level of expertise. Fact is your job is going to be more competitive to keep.
  6. You must go to a testing center at Pearson to take the exam and be proctored. Being proctored is something that some other blockchain certification don’t require. The other certifications you pay a fee, pass an online test with open book and you an blockchain expert with no real credibility. When you pass the CBDE exam your credibility is deserved and even validated on Etheruem blockchain. You passed the challenging exam with no open computer monitors of books congratulations.

Resources to prepare

  • If you cant take the official CBDE course then there is an Udemy Course around Ethereum that can help prepare you. One of the authors Thomas Weisner is one of the instructors.

Pass The Certified Blockchain Developer Exam – Ethereum CBDE

EXAM Study Guide

  • If your taking the CBDE The official CBSA Exam Study Guide

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Demand is hot… Check out this Medium article by Hackernoon Blockchain jobs and salaries..

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Check out my Youtube channel CBSA and CBDH playlist as well for helpful videos!

Happy Blockchaining!

Joe Holbrook. The Cloud Tech Guy

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