Top Ten Google Cloud Engineer

Thinking of taking the Associate Cloud Engineer exam?

The Cloud Engineer exam from Google is one of the more interesting certifications for technically focused engineers. If you like command lines such as gcloud and bq you will do great.

This exam is very different than the cloud architect exam. No case studies just Command Line, services understanding and cloud best practices.

You will need to be disciplined just like a Marine when it comes to practicing the command line.

Below are the top ten tips and check out my FREE Youtube video on the Cloud Engineer exam as well as many other Bootcamp videos. ATTENTION!

Top Ten Things to Remember before taking the exam!.

1.Know your gcloud commands for managing and creating projects such as gcloud projects list

2.Know your basic container terms. Pods, but also know your kubectl commands.. Such as kubectl get pods

3.Know the use case and differences between Container Registry, Container Builder and Cloud Source Repositories

4.Cloud SQL vs Cloud Spanner (Use Case, Scaling)

5.Know your use cases for data services.. Cloud Storage, App Engine, Kubenetes Engine, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Dataflow. Etc   

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6. Know how to deploy windows on compute engine. (Best way to login and authenticate)

7. IAM Permissions basics. Know what service accounts are, know how to setup up audit logs for auditors and logging best practices. Custom Permissions

8 .Stackdriver logging setup, setup alerts and difference between Stackdriver modules.

9 .BigQuery Pricing. Go to calculator. Know On demand vs Flat Rate. Storage is ADDITIONAL.

10.How to save Billing info but also query against. JSON/Bigquery

Start Learning Today!

Exam Tips

1.Study hard and routine.

2.Use practice questions and review answers for gaps in knowledge.

3.This is a new exam and thus far not much content.

4.Review the outline and fill in gaps in your knowledge

5.Review all GCP documentation

6.Use Codelabs, Qwiklabs or a Free account if available  

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Carry on and good luck on the exam.

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