AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Looking for a concise list of AWS Certification related information for the Associate Cloud architect exam. This list should help you on your journey.

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If your considering obtaining an AWS Certification and you have a year of experience then taking the AWS Associate Cloud Architect exam may be a great move. This exam is a step above the Cloud Foundations exam and would be the exam to take if your looking to prove your knowledge. There is also a Professional exam and I would recommend you have at least two years of hands work.

Here is the AWS Learning Path and Certification paths to give you the direct insight.

Learning Path

Certification Path

Resources for preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam.

Get started by referencing the AWS Exam guide to review exam objectives.

Free AWS Practice Exams

Free AWS Sponsored Video training

Cloud Guru Video Review

Sam the CloudGuy Playlist

Linux Academy Blog—–c70a43e7dc1———————-

Cantrill’s Blog

Best Practices Papers Must Review

AWS Well Architected Framework

AWS Architecting for the Cloud Best Practices

Getting Practice -Qwiklabs


SLAs for common services

SLAs for each AWS service

Serverless multi-tier architectures

Route 53 health checks and DNS failover

AWS Global Infrastructure- Regions/Zones

Migrating resources from one region to another


Know your EBS volume types with performance limits

Understand EFS performance

Optimizing S3 performance

RDS performance

Performance best practices for DynamoDB

Overview of caching services,the%20data’s%20primary%20storage%20location.

Example of scaling an infrastructure

Catalog of launchable solutions in AWS:


AWS Security Blog Post

AWS Organizations FAQ

Creating WAF Web ACLs

Using Secrets Manager for RDS credentials

AWS Transit Gateway for connecting networks

VPC security

Cost Optimization

Service pricing can be found as follows

Operational Excellence

OE whitepaper

Deploy Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain on AWS.

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