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Prepare for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification with FREE Practice Exams

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Free exams to help get you started on Google Cloud Platform Certification exams.

Passing any of the Google Cloud Platform certifications can take a significant effort to prepare for, even for experienced professionals.

Thats why we have created and have been providing free practices exams (GCP, AWS, ISC and Blockchain Training Alliance) to help everyone gauge their level of expertise.

The following Google Cloud Platform(GCP ) practice exams are provided on MyBlockchainExperts as a courtesy to help gauge your readiness for GCP exams

These will continue to be FREE during the migration to our new platform that will be launched in March

Note that practice exams that are on Udemy will be removed from further signups and ported to the MyBlockchainExperts platform.

FREE Exams Available Now

  • Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Practice Exam FREE
  • Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Exam FREE
  • Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Practice Exam FREE
  • Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Practice Exam FREE

FREE Exams in Development

  • Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Exam FREE
  • Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer Exam FREE
  • Google Cloud Professional Security Engineer Exam FREE

FREE GCP Practice Exams Free GCP Exam Dump

Joe Holbrook, the Cloud Tech Guy


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