Yes demand is so high that we want to pay you less to do more. Accept, that Globalization is good for the goose and the gander….

How to piss off a hiring manager. Yep, I know… Challenge them if they appear to not want the role filled.. Can’t find anyone after three months to fill a Cloud Role not to mention 9 months or more. Please, go waste someone else’s time!

One of the challenges I have as being hyper experienced but also specialized is I have noticed that job descriptions are in my opinion are being written INTENTIONALLY So the ROLE IS NOT FILLED…. At least not locally.

YES. shocking,,,, why would a company create a job description that is meant NOT to be filled?? I am going to put on my cone hat here and throw out a few things…

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First, I get pissed when a role is sold as a Cloud Architect but in reality they want a Cloud Developer. Or a Pre Sales Cloud Architect role is now forced to develop in Golang… WTF?

Yes, hiring manager.. You want someone to migrate 200TB of data from AWS to GCP, 80TB from your 1995 datacenter with a 10 MB network, write code in J2EE, Validate APIS, run the DevOps processes, attend Scrum or Agile meetings and then take out your dry cleaning.. Lastly, you also mean that a “Remote” role requires a commute to the office everyday”.. Sounds like a great role:)

So how do you piss off a hiring manager..???

Tell them their job description is clearly not well thought out. But you also state your willing to listen to what they are looking for and help them translate that into a real job description that is realistic and filled efficiently. (Ahh, but then again, do they want it filled?) . If they REALLY wanted to fill the role they would increase the salaries to an “attractive” level. $180K plus on the east or west coasts minimum. (Yes, I am taboo since I am independent sorry)

Basically, you challenge them if there really is a requirement unlike what these order taking recruiters keep doing….. 

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 Second, Cloud Architect roles are getting to the point that no one worth their “Salt” would even want to deal with the irrational requirements. I am coming to the assumption companies want “hacks” not specialists. 

Third , companies want foreign labor and are intentional driving wages/contract rates down. . Demand when REAL will be filled.. DEMAND when FALSELY promoted wont be filled.(Especially locally)…   

I am coming to the conclusion that over 40% or so of the roles on LN for Cloud Architects for example are put out their just to keep the busy work going for folks in traditional IT that just happen to know their jobs are being outsourced, riffed and intentionally eliminated.   

Lastly, lets be real… If the requirement for an AWS or Google Cloud Architect was actually REAL, IMMEDIATE and CRITICAL to the company then things would be different during the hiring process. Efficient and honest are two things that are out of the “Corporate America” hiring processes in my opinion,

Here is a real shocker….. Fact is people that know AWS are a “dime a dozen”.. Sorry to break a bubble. There are plenty of AWS folks out there and its not that hard to find people that know AWS. Just hard to find them for $149K or less per year.

GCP not so much and I don’t see demand for GCP at a crisis level. Even though it appears I am the only one in Florida. Its there in pockets but they want to pay you less than an AWS architect. AWS has over 200 plus services and GCP has over 50 so thats maybe the correlation….. You cant expect someone to know them all and for that matter even AWS does not do that.. GCP is last to the game but the interest in GCP is clearly there. Demand will have to follow someday. 

However, with the mass layoffs that are likely to continue I wont expect any wage/contract rate inflation but rather deflation. Just my thought from what I have seen.

Demand and Supply… Right

Lets think of the job market as like the housing market… If the house was in demand it would SELL quickly with a low DOMM. (Days on Market).. If the house was not in DEMAND it would be on the market for 7 months plus in most markets (Now I am not talking about multi million dollar mansions just your average SFH )……. 

 So theres a company called “We buy Ugly Houses”.. I propose a recruiting company called we place “Ugly IT Roles” .. It would be a booming business right now.

“Your not technical enough”…

I had a recruiter tell me a week ago that they “prefer to weed people out than rule them in”… Thats not a surprise since in over 17 years in IT I have never been insulted(Yes, like Palo Alto Networks telling me I am not technical enough…LOL) like this year.

Clearly, demand is NOT there for highly paid professionals so the easiest way to weed people out is thru salary or contract rates.

Second, way is too add ridiculous job requirements that are not even related to the role.. Companies are doing a wonderful job at that..

Anyway… Just my two cents…. By the time you finish this some executive will have bought back more shares, went on another private jet trip to Las Vegas to play behind the spouse, and finally reduced their staff count just off the “radar” of the state employment regulators so its not reported.

And no that really critical Cloud Role wont be filled.

Carry on my pauper friends.

Joe Holbrook, The Cloud Tech Guy

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