The Top Five Cloud Developer Certifications and Why

Get certified and stay competitive in this turning IT Job Market

Since the advent of cloud technology, the need for highly qualified individuals who understand the ins and outs of cloud-based infrastructures is on the rise. To meet this profound need, the biggest names in the cloud industry such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are offering various certifications for screening potential candidates. If you are a developer and want to become indispensable in the cloud industry, then the following five certifications are a must.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer

The job of a professional cloud developer is to build highly scalable and available applications and services using Google’s recommended best practices. This person is perceived to have extensive knowledge of cloud-native applications, developer tools, runtime environments, and next-gen databases.

Candidates are also expected to understand and produce important metrics and logs that help with debugging and code tracing.

Why should you take this certification? The requirement for this certification entails that the candidate has proficiency in at least one general-purpose programming language before attempting this certification. Most developers work with multiple programming languages, so, this is an easy requirement to meet.

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AWS Certified Developer – Associate

This certification is Amazon’s most popular offering for the developer community and has remained in the top five slots for years. People with this certification can expect to earn 18% more than the average in the IT world. This certification certifies that an individual is proficient in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based AWS applications.

Why should you take this certification? At least one or more years of hands-on experience in developing and maintaining AWS-based applications is a pre-requisite for embarking on this certification. This not only brings your programming skills to the table but also forces you to gain hands-on experience that comes handy in the real world.

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Microsoft Certified Azure Developer – Associate

This is the equivalent to the AWS offering for the developer associate certification. Candidates who pass this certification are required to have subject matter expertise in building, designing, testing, and maintaining cloud applications on the Microsoft Azure platform.

The pre-requisite for this certification is to have at least one to two years of professional development experience and generalized experience with the Azure platform. The candidates should also be proficient in programming a language supported by Azure. They should also possess exuberant knowledge in Azure SDKs, data connections, APIs, compute and container deployment, performance tuning, and monitoring to name a few.

Why should you take this certification? Individuals interested in this certification are expected to participate in all phases of cloud development. Anyone who is looking to expand their developer career in the Azure world would benefit greatly from this certification.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

This certification is equivalent to the AWS Developer Associate certification in many ways and is a highly sought-after certification. It is geared towards not just developers but enterprise architects and systems engineers as well.

Why should you take this certification? This certification is a great door opener if you are trying to move up in cloud development. Many developers like to pursue this certification due to its vast catering of knowledge regarding cloud principles and infrastructures.

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Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) 

The Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) certification’s curriculum focuses on application vulnerabilities, risk and compliance issues that arise during the SDLC Lifecycle. Its a serious exam for those that are confident and competent in Secure design, software development and the SDLC lifecycle.

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The CSSLP certification has been around since 2008 and is a niche certification. The CSSLP exam is a brother of the well known CISSP certification. The main difference is that the CISSP is a hodgepodge of everything security whereas the CSSLP exam is strictly focused on software development.

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