Google Cloud Architect Salary And Demand

Cloud Technology is growing at an exceptional speed; Cloud Architects have long agreed to accept the challenge of AWS and Azure certifications.

Now the cloud platform that has consistent demand is Google Cloud. Google Cloud is a niche play still, but with that comes some great salary demand.

In the meantime, Google Cloud Platform has some of the highest salaries out there for certified professionals and consistently beating out AWS the last few years.

One of the questions I commonly receive is what is the salary for a Cloud Architect and more specifically what is the average salary for getting the Google Cloud Professional Architect Certification? Excellent Questions, lets discuss.

Google Cloud Architect Salary Range

Cloud certifications such as Google Cloud certifications are increasingly gaining a reputation among organizations and companies who have come to better understand the value of hiring certified professionals that understand Google. 

Lets dive into Google Cloud Architect Demand And Salaries specifically for the US.

First , when understanding salary it is important to realize that every person will likely have a very different experience and result negotiating your salary.

Interviewees should understand the going rates in the location interviewing and the industry. Your experience and reputation plays a significant role as well.

Salaries are traditionally the highest in Silicon Valley and the SF Bay Area for cloud professionals.

However, New York City, Boston and DC come in close as well.

Perhaps one of the most important organizations that samples cloud professionals for salaries and demand is Global Knowledge. Global Knowledge is one of the largest training organizations in the world.

There annual salary survey for example came up with Google Cloud Architect Salary as being the highest in 2019 at $175,761

“For the second straight year, the GCP Cloud Architect certification is associated with the highest salaries in IT. This newer credential—it launched in 2017—allows IT professionals to certify as a cloud architect on the GCP platform. It demonstrates the ability to design, develop and manage a secure, scalable and reliable cloud architecture.”

-Global Knowledge Salary Survey dated Feb 2020


ZipRecruiter has the average Google Cloud Architect Salary as $135,980 per year.

Figure below shows Google Cloud Architect Salary with low, average and high ranges on ZipRecruiter

Glassdoor is an excellent resource not only to find salaries but also reviews of companies. Larger companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, Google, GE, etc have hundreds of salary and company reviews so you can gauge what your expectations should be.


Figure below shows Google Cloud Salaries available on Glassdoor


LinkedIn has numerous roles posted for a Google Cloud Architect. LinkedIn also provides insight into salaries with the LN salary tool. The LinkedIn tool does not seem to provide insight into average salaries or ranges. has a great tool where you can enter your city, state and other information to gain some deeper insight into the local salaries. It also has a cost of living calculator as well that can help folks considering a relocation.

Figure below shows Salary Range on

There are numerous other sites that have salary information and I encourage you to take advantage of the information out there to negotiate the best compensation package for you.

Its fair to say that salary range in the US will dependent on many factors but on a national salary range a Google Cloud Architect should expect between $120K – $170K per year.

Actual Google Cloud Demand

Demand for Google Cloud appears to be quite steady and perhaps growing in certain industry verticals and locations. You can see this from reviewing LinkedIn and other sites.

From Google Trends below is what you can see over a five year period. Steady not really up or down from an average perspective

Figure below shows Google Cloud Trends over Five Years.

Below is an article I wrote last year on the question. When your spending resources on a certification and training you really do need to research the demand.

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