For those looking to make money (Serious money over 100K a year) selling courses on line then you may want to consider Kajabi.

One way that IT professionals or any other professional “great at what they do” can make a recurring side hustle or in my case a full time income from course sales is to have your own platform to sell them on.

As a highly prolific course author I have been selling course on marketplaces and membership sites such as Udemy, O’Reilly and Skillshare. I am also the author of numerous books one of which is called “Sidehustles for Techies”.

For starters these sites can provide great benefits and ease of use for rookies to the industry.

However, they also have huge downsides such as no control over your revenue, rule and policy changes and large revenue shares that your giving back to them (UP TO 70%==== Holy Moly).

They took what percentage? For doing what????

Thats why I chose to invest thousands into getting my membership site online so I could control my revenue and provide a better value to my customers than these other platforms.

As a result I was able to fully replace and exceed my full time IT Salary as a pre sales engineer which was over $190K a year. To do this was less than two years…..

Why Consider Joining Kajabi?

Kajabi has a great offer this month for those willing to put in a few days of effort to have a digital presence and share their knowledge on a global scale.

Elearning is growing and no slow down in site.

The e-learning market is expected to be worth $325 billion by 2025.

Digital education and e-learning had more than $46 billion in sales in 2018 (the most recent year we have data for).

Global e-learning and course consumption has increased dramatically during the pandemic and many experts expect that to continue.  

Also:::))) as an added bonus If you sign up under my link Ill provide you two hours of Free startup consultation and get your first course going as well!

Below is Kajabi’s offer
Build an online course. We’ll be the first to buy it.
Get step-by-step guidance on how to validate your idea, structure your product, film your content and turn it into a digital product that will actually sell. Kajabi will even be your first customer.
You’ll get all the tools you need including an extended 30-day free trial of Kajabi, plus frequent live check-ins, and a built-in community to keep you motivated and accountable.
This challenge runs from March 30th — April 20th, 2021.
Registration closes soon, so don’t wait!

As an added bonus Kajabi is offering free content from the most recognized Marketing Expert – Neil Patel.

Join in on Kajabi’s offer and have access to this first class marketing content!

Joe Holbrook, Kajabi Course Creator

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