Awesome Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Review and Resources

Get Certified as a Digital Transformation Leader from Google!

The Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification is Google’s newest certification at the time of writing. I am really excited by this certification since the certification brings Google to the same table as AWS/Azure when it comes to entry level certifications.

I took the beta exam in May 2021 and had 100 questions on the exam. The great part for you is that the beta exam is over and now the production exam will have a lot less questions.

The questions seemed to be very similar to how questions would be asked on the Google Cloud Architect Exam. Google loves to make the questions abstract, meaning that if you don’t read it three times and understand Google Cloud best practices you may very select the wrong answer.

The exam asked basic cloud computing questions similiar to the Cloud + Certification from CompTIA while at the same time asked questions that I swear came from the Cloud Architect exam around Google Cloud services such as Cloud SQL, IAM, Kubernetes Engine, Compute Engine and more… (Without the case study of course).

The main goal I understand of this certification is to focus on transforming your enterprise environment from a legacy or Web 2.0 deployment to more a Cloud Native environment on GCP. Effectively, its about transformation of your enterprise around application modernization.

Certification Roadmap. Where the certification fits in. Its your entry level certification into Google Cloud.

Google has provided a very clear roadmap which is located here.

EXAM GUIDE overall expectations for the test taker.

  • Define cloud terminology
  • Define Google Cloud products and solutions that support digital transformation.
  • Explain how cloud technology and data can be leveraged to innovate within organizations
  • Identify key change patterns and Google Cloud products for infrastructure and application modernization.
  • Describe contributing factors to the success of cloud operations and security.

Exam Resources

Exam Webpage is here. (Course and Practice Questions)

Course – Business Transformation with Google Cloud (Enroll using the “Audit” option to take at no cost).

Course – Google Cloud Product Fundamentals (Enroll using the “Audit” option to take at no cost).

Impact Study – Google Cloud Adoption Framework

Resource – Google Cloud Solutions

Exam Review and Test Tips

Below is a brief review and some of the important aspect to prepare around. Look out for my Google Cloud TOP TEN LIST on TechCommanders, Medium, TheGcpGurus, LinkedIn, etc.

Exam Review

The exam focused on ensuring the certification candidate know what was the Cloud Deployment Models, Cloud Service Models and Cloud Characteristics.

You can check out my Youtube Video on the exam review and some practice questions.

For Example. Below are the NIST Cloud Characteristics.

Cloud Characteristics

On Demand Self ServiceResources are available as needed
Broad Network AccessAccess anytime or anywhere (Internet)
Resource PoolingData Center resources are pooled together optimizing quality of service
Rapid ElasticityAbility to add or remove computing resources based as needed
Measured ServicesThe ability to measure resources and charge customers

Get to know the Service Models

•Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) contains the basic building blocks for cloud IT and typically provides access to networking features, computers and data storage space. •IaaS provides the highest level of flexibility and management control over the infrastructure   (Example – GCP Compute Engine and AWS EC2)

•Platform as a Service (PaaS) removes the need for your organization to manage the underlying infrastructure  and allows you to focus on the deployment and mgmt. of your applications. •PaaS provides the second highest level of flexibility and management control over the infrastructure.    (Example – GCP App Engine and AWS Elastic BeanStalk

•Software as a Service (SaaS) provides you a complete product that is run and managed by the service provider. •You worry only about using the software and not about infrastructure. •SaaS provides the lowest level of flexibility and management control over the infrastructure.    (Example – Google Gsuite and MS O365)

Check out the New Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Crash Course.


Cloud computing introduces new ways to consume and pay for IT services. ●The shift from CAPEX to OPEX financing and cash flow models using cloud


An ROI calculation quantifies both the costs and the expected benefits of a specific project over a specific timeframe. (3-5 years)

ROI has both tangible and intangible components

TCO, on the other hand, includes just costs.

Goal is obtaining a solid ROI and LOW TCO

Regions and Zones

Google Cloud Platform resources are organized by Regions and Zones.

Regions – Collection of Zones •Specific location to run resources •Connected by Googles global and meshed backbone

Zones – Isolated deployment areas in a region. •Resource can be zonal, regional or multi regional

From the TechCommanders training.

Get to know Cloud Hierarchy/

The Organization resource is the root node of the Google Cloud resource hierarchy and all resources that belong to an organization are grouped under the organization node. The Organization resource is associated with a Google Workspace or Cloud Identity account.

Service Options

The main focus of GCP services tested are at a highlevel which is around what would you for SQL, Compute, etc and how does the service solve a problem, bring value or other benefit.

What is the Google Cloud Adoption Framework?

The Adoption Framework helps you identify key cloud adoption activities and objectives to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

•Four Themes

•Whitepaper –

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