Just like physical markets, the NFT marketplace is also a market.

However, it is a digital marketplace. People are assisted in buying and selling digital assets and tokens on the NFT marketplace.

An NFT marketplace is also utilized to store, show trade, and create digital assets or tokens.

NFT is referred to as digital tokens that contain authenticity data and ownership. One can buy or sell these tokens in the NFT marketplace.

NFT marketplaces are virtual places that are non-traceable.

People can use crypto wallets to store digital money.

We have discussed the importance of NFT marketplaces.

Here, we will discuss the top 7 NFT marketplaces in the world right now.


OpenSea is considered to be the king in NFT sales. This platform has all types of digital assets available.

OpenSea is free to sign up and browse all the available options. If you want to do minting, I.e., creating your own NFT, then artists and creators have easy access to this procedure.
OpenSea supports more than 150 different payment tokens.

The total trading volume of this NFT marketplace is over $6.5 billion. After the connection, you can easily browse through the various group. Whatever strikes your attention, submit an offer, and wait to see if it gets accepted.

You can also upload your NFT work easily. Go to the “Create” tab and provide your wallet as a creator. Upload your NFT and fill the description form.


Another large NFT marketplace, Rarible, deals with buying, selling, and creating different sorts of collectibles, music, videos, and art. But, in this marketplace, you will need its own token Rarible to make deals on this marketplace.
This marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it has a partnership with some big companies, including Adobe and Yum! Brands. According to Dapprader, Rarible has the fifth-highest trading volume of all the time, with $210 million changing hands.

Sellers can create more than one NFT for a single image to sell it more than once. This marketplace has an easy-to-use interface for crypto novices.

It allows you to log in with different crypto wallets, including Coinbase wallet, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, etc. After signing in, you can use the wallet service to buy or fill the wallet with fiat currency through a debit card or bank transfer.


SuperRare is a higher-end alternative of Rarible. Rarible’s interface attacks with arrays of shaky GIFs and live auctions. Whereas, SuperRare has a minimalist look. This curated platform initiates to create and collect crypto art. Before the work gets listed, it is required to approve and submit it.

Choosing The Right NFT Marketplace

SuperRare’s artwork is digitally collectible, which means it is saved by cryptography and traced via blockchain. It is beneficial for the social environment to have transparent ownership records as digital collectibles.
Transactions have three ways, i.e., Ethereum network and native cryptocurrency. There is a small number of artists in SuperRare at the moment.


Mintable is backed by the billionaire Mark Cuban, an open marketplace. Ethereum is required to buy and sell NFTs on Mintable.

For all types of creators that want their work to be a digital asset, this platform provides minting of NFTs.

It is a two-sided marketplace for selling and buying NFTs. It works similarly to eBay. Mintable is linked with MetaMask, which helps create cryptocurrency wallets for buyers.

In Mintable, you need to make the profile and load the wallet.

Buyers are both allowed to participate in auctions and buy featured items. An NFT creator needs to purchase Ethereum and link their crypto wallet to the Mintable marketplace for buying and bidding.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity – The NFT-powered video game possesses the second largest NFT marketplace. According to Dapprader, this marketplace has a cumulative trading volume worth $2.1 billion.

This platform deals with trading in Axie, having a Pokémon-style digital being that can be purchased and sold on Axie Marketplace.
Users can also create a new axis through the built-in bleeding mechanics of the game to sell on the Axie Infinity marketplace.

Axies are those creatures that are bought and trained against other players.

The player will get a reward if they win against the other creature. NFTs of Axie infinity serve a purpose. They can be used in games to battle and defend to earn tokens for creating new species for the game.


Pixel art aesthetics and other features produce 10,000 randomly manufactured characters called CryptoPunks. CryptoPunks was the first NFT demonstration on Ethereum.

They are not freely accessible; therefore, CryptoPunks can only be earned by money.

It is done by visiting the marketplace of CryptoPunks creator Larva labs to make major sales. The larva labs were distributed freely in 2017. However, some CryptoPunks were sold for Millions of dollars.
CryptoPunks NFTs are sold out, but they still can be bought from different third-party marketplaces. Meebits and other projects of Larva Labs are worth waiting for. You can bid directly from the built-in marketplace of the company to buy those projects.


It is a fully decentralized virtual world where users build and own things to make money on.

This NFT marketplace hands over the control to the players and lets them own the virtual space.
The Decentralized Autonomous Organization allows the community of marketplace in voting on future land auctions, policy updates, and whitelisting of NFT contracts, so it gets legal in the world and marketplace.

You can benefit from Decentraland’s marketplace and receive a range of digital assets, including parcels, names, and estates.

Buy and sell virtual lands in this marketplace to personalize them as your property.

Your asset will be saved in the contract based on Ethereum.


The NFT marketplace is your gateway to selling and buying digital assets, from virtual art to games and music.

NFT marketplaces are gaining popularity because it has evolved into a busy virtual marketplace that offers art in every price range.

The article has provided details of the top 7 NFT marketplaces that stand out in dealing with digital assets worldwide.

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