FinOps Certified Practitioner (FOCP) Course With Practice Questions/Answers

Join in on the new course to help you learn about FinOps and get certified!

Learn the fundamentals of FinOps and prepare for the Linux Foundation’s FinOps Certified Practitioner Exam. 

 The FinOps certification allows individuals in a large variety of cloud, finance and technology roles to validate their FinOps knowledge and enhance their professional credibility.

This course covers the full objectives of the certification to help you prepare and pass the exam. 

FinOps Certified Practictioner FCOP
FinOps Certified Practictioner FCOP

Course Overview

And if you’re interested in taking the FinOps exam, you’ll also get a concise reference guide and practice questions to help you prepare.

What’s Included?

  • 4 hours on-demand video with demos/whiteboards
  • 4 downloadable resources
  • FinOps Certified Practitioner Practice Exam Questions with Answer EBook
  • Accredible Certificate of Completion

Who is This Course For?

  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • IT Professionals that manage cloud.
  • C-Level Executives
  • Business Unit Leads, Application Stakeholders, etc  
  • Procurement Professionals

What You’ll Learn

✔  Understand why FinOps is a cultural practice and the operating model is the most efficient way for teams to manage their cloud costs.  

✔  How to understand and control your cloud spending but also use the data collected to make money.

✔  Identify the proper tools to use in major cloud providers for managing costs.

✔ How cloud spending can drive more revenue, signal customer base growth, enable more product and feature release velocity, or even help shut down a data center.

✔ Understanding Cloud Usage and Cost Modeling, Cost Allocation and Resource Planning.

 ✔Understand how the organization acts and automates to manage cloud use within the context of other IT Finance activities, and integrates FinOps capabilities with existing organizational processes, organizational units, and technology.

✔ Understand how the organization works to define its pricing model goals, uses historical data to make pricing model adjustments by buying commitment based discounts, and works to manage the pricing aspects of services it is using in the cloud.


  • Participants should have cloud accounts to run and collect data on cloud spending.

Course Topics Covered

Course and Instructor Intro Overview
Cloud FinOps Certification Overview
Course PreReqs
Cloud Computing Fundamentals
Intro to Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Characteristics
Cloud  Computing Service Models
Cloud Computing Deployment Models
Comparing On Premises to Cloud
Challenges of Cloud Computing
Section Summary
Section Review Questions
FinOps Fundamentals
What is FinOps 
Why Use Finops
FinOps History
FinOps Six Principles
FinOps Lifecycle
ROI and TCO Fundamentals
Cost Optimization Challenges
FinOps Terminology
Cloud Language/Business Language
Section Summary
Section Review Questions
FinOps Teams and Motivation
What is a FinOps Team
FinOps Team Roles
Centralized Teams or Decentralized?
Organization Changes and Adoption
Culture of FinOps
FinOps Triangle
Section Summary
Section Review Questions
FinOps Capabilities
What are FinOps Domains & Capabilities
Six Pillars of FinOps 
Best Practices
Aligning Teams to Resouces
Section Summary
Section Review Questions
FinOps Lifecycles
The FinOps Lifecyle 
Lifecycle Phase – Inform 
Lifecycle Phase – Optimize
Lifecycle Phase – Operate
Whiteboard Discussion
Section Summary
Section Review Questions
Cloud Resource Pricing and Billing
Cloud Economics and Pricing
Capacity Reservations and Reserved Instances
Cloud Billing
Demo – Allocation Techniques(Metadata/Tagging)
Cloud Spend Management AWS
AWS Pricing Models
Demo – AWS Tools
Whiteboard- AWS FinOps Use Case
Azure Pricing Models
Azure Demo
GCP Pricing Models
Demo – GCP Billing Demo
Section Summary
Section Review Questions 
Exam Preparation and Closeout
Exam Preparation
Additional Resources
Course Closeout

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