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Annual Membership has been reduced to only $99 per year.

The TechCommanders annual plan has been reduced and the monthly plan will be removed in October 2022

TechCommanders has over 60 courses available and growing every month. We also host several live online course for members only.

Including Polygon Fundamentals, Ethereum Development, FinTech, CBSA, Hyperledger, etc.

AWS, Google Cloud, Blockchain, IT Security, FinOps, CompTIA, SideHustles are the main course topics.

What do you get with a membership account?

A TechCommanders membership plan gives you access to all self-study courses, live monthly calls, and the TechCommanders Community.

  • TechCommanders Community is an online forum where you can connect with other students, ask questions, get answers, and share your knowledge.
  • New Courses and Practice Question Pools Added Monthly.
  • Certificates of Completion provided to paid members.
  • Access to one on one career and interview coaching(discounted)
  • Annual Members get access to free Ebooks and Free Live Classes per month

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Cloud InterviewACE.

The best way to pass the Cloud Computing interviews. Period.

Cloud InterviewACE is an online training program & professional community mentored by industry veteran Joseph Holbrook (“The Cloud Tech Guy“), a pre/post sales guru in cloud. 

Learn to pass the technical and even soft skills interviews from the starting basics to advanced topics covering presales, post sales focused objectives such cloud deployment, cloud architecting, cloud engineering, migrations and more. resume tips, preparation strategy, common mistakes, mock interviews, technical deep-dives, must-know tips, offer negotiation, and more. AWS, GCP and Azure will be covered. 

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We are TechCommanders…

experts in Next Generation Technology Training. 

TechCommanders is an online training platform for both aspiring and veteran IT professionals interested in next generation IT Skills.
TechCommanders is led by Joseph Holbrook, a highly sought-after technology industry veteran.

TechCommanders offers blended learning which allows the students to learn on demand but with live training.

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