FinOps Certification Exam Study Guide and Crib Sheet

Becoming a FinOps Certified Practitioner can be very rewarding!

With FinOps, companies can work better in with decent solutions for cloud cost management.

Cloud cost management is itself a tedious process but, if done the right way, it can take the business to new heights with proper decision making.

FinOps bring together financial accountability and enables companies to spend in a controlled manner.

FinOps is an in demand specialization in the world of Cloud Computing especially because of the variable spending model of Cloud Computing. Companies need professionals that can bring a proven approach to managing their costs.

The FinOps Practitioner’s exam is greatly beneficial for professional growth.

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How much does a FinOps Practitioner make?

According to ZipRecruiter as of Oct 1, 2022, the average annual pay for a FinOps in the United States is $115,080 a year.

Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $55.33 an hour.

About This Certification

There are many things that are covered in this certification. IT provides basic key conceits of three areas: Inform, Optimize and Operate.

At the end of this certification, the FinOps professional is able to understand FinOps Principles, Capabilities, and support.

These professionals also learn to manage FinOps Lifecycle for better cost management.

FinOps helps maintain the cost overrun scenarios that can occur as well as how companies operate on pay as you go model.

So, in a nutshell a FinOps practitioner will be able to take care of these challenges as well.

Join in on the FinOps Certified Practitioner course on TechCommanders. Includes a free practice question ebook!

FinOps Certified Practitioner – Crash Course with Practice Questions
Learn the fundamentals of FinOps and why its so critical to have FinOps knowledge today as a Cloud professional. The course will also prepare you for the Linux Foundation’s FinOps Certified Practitioner Exam.
The industry leading FinOps certification allows individuals in a large variety of cloud, finance and technology roles to validate their FinOps knowledge and enhance their professional credibility.
This course covers the full objectives of the certification to help you prepare and pass the exam.
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Why take the FinOps Certified Practitioner Exam Now!

 The Cloud FinOps Practitioner (FOCP) exam inculcates all the required skills within the individuals taking the exam that enable them to become good FinOps professionals.

The professionals will also understand key concepts like networking, API object primitives, maintenance, storage, security, application lifecycle troubleshooting, and the ability to establish basic use-cases for end users by, logging and monitoring.

Exam duration: FinOps is an online certification and thus requires an online exam. The duration of exam is 60 minutes. 

Validation: the certification is valid for three years once passing it.

The exam includes fifty multiple choice questions which are designed to test foundational knowledge of finance and the cloud and how these subjects work together in the enterprise.

Join in on the FInOps Certified Practitioner course on TechCommanders. Includes a free practice question ebook!

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