A blockchain readiness assessment workshop is focused on understanding where your customers is in the likely adoption of blockchain technologies.

A blockchain readiness workshop is facilitated by a vendor, VAR, integrator, or services firm to help facilitate the knowledge transfer in a highly interactive environment which really needs to be face to face.

Whiteboarding is performed when it comes to assessments and establishing requirements.

Whiteboarding is critical to identifying problems and presenting solutions in an interactive manner that is visual for both the vendor and the customer.

The goal of this workshop is to help you understand where blockchain fits in, what solutions are available As part of the process, you will also identify requirements, educate your stakeholders, and provide a summary report with an actual use case that may be applied later.

What does a Blockchain Readiness Workshop entail and include from MyBlockchainExperts?

  • Identify the potential opportunities for blockchain technologies by engaging with the stakeholders to facilitate discussions around potential solutions to problems.
  • Identify and document the potential scale of the blockchain use case for the organization. Some organizations may not be ready for a blockchain as an individual unit or department. Potential customers will be more likely to benefit from working as a “consortium” where sharing the benefits and costs could provide direct value.
  • Document the stakeholder’s functional requirements, which will specify what a blockchain should accomplish from a business perspective such as compliance, reporting, auditing, authorizations, or business focus.
  • Document the stakeholder’s nonfunctional requirements. The nonfunctional requirements specify what the system should do from a performance, reliability, security, or technical focus.
  • Determine customers’ perceived risks for blockchain implementations.
  • Document any compliance requirements such as GDPR, PCI, SOX, and HIPPA, for example, since these requirements are a significant part of a blockchain use case.
  • Identify any performance requirements such as transactions per second (TPS). Blockchain is not a high-performance platform as compared to client-server technologies.
  • Provide you the customer with any expected next steps in the evaluation process such as follow-up calls or quotes.

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